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2010-12-07 13:23:59 by theDC

Well, GarageBand got eaten up by iLike, which i Do Not Like, and my music there was lost in the process. Oh well. I like NewGrounds. It's been around for ages, has a great community, and a smart and reasonable interface. I'm perfectly happy to move my music here. And hey, maybe some deranged mountain dew-addled flash animator will pick some of this up and run with it. How awesome would that be? IT WOULD BE THREE HUNDRED AND EIGHTY-THREE AWESOME. That's how much. I've also been told many times that my music (especially the earlier stuff) sounds like game music; it would be great to see it actually applied to a game.

So... hi, NewGrounds! I've lurked here for years. I love your insanity. I'm thrilled to contribute some of my own.



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2010-12-07 16:41:52

383 awesome?More like infinity awesome! :D

theDC responds:

Well... 383 on a scale of one to ten. ;-)


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